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 Proposed Route


Actual Route - As texted in by Alan and Ian on route.

The mission is simple: To cycle from London, England to Cape Town, South Africa. 

Over the course of the journey, we hope to achieve three main goals:

  • To complete the route in 12 months
  • To raise money and awareness for Childreach
  • To climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The plan is to leave the London Eye on 31st May 2009 and arrive at the

Green Point Stadium, Cape Town on 1 June 2010 - just in time to see the football World Cup!

While boats will allow us to cross water, and a plane will take us over the less stable countries, the journey will be made predominately on bicycles.

Intensive physical training for EyeOnAfrica began in 2007, and included EyeOnUK - a 1,000 mile ride, stretching the length of the UK.

The EyeOnAfrica route covers around 12,000 miles, passing through two continents and 29 countries.
These countries are:


Country Predicted Arrival
England Jun-09
Belgium Jun-09
France Jun-09
Spain Jun-09
Morocco Jul-09
Western Sahara Jul-09
Mauritania Jul-09 to Aug-09
Senegal Aug-09 to Sep-09
Gambia Sep-09
Guinea Oct-09
Mali Oct-09
Burkina Faso Oct-09
Ghana Nov-09
Togo Nov-09
Benin Nov-09
Nigeria Nov-09
Kenya Nov-09 and Jan-10
Tanzania Nov-09 and Jan-10
Burundi Dec-09
Uganda Dec-09 to Jan-10
Rwanda Jan-10
Malawi Feb-10
Mozambique Mar-10
Zambia Mar-10
Namibia Mar-10
Botswana Apr-10
Swaziland Apr-10
Lesotho May-10
South Africa May-10 to Jun-10