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MAY, 2009

 The 3 Peaks Challenge

Hi All,
Sorry it's taken so long to put a blog on here about the 3 peaks challenge, life is getting very busy in the run up to EyeOnAfrica.  The 3 Peaks was a great success, everyone completed the challenge in 24hrs and really enjoyed themselves in the process.
We raised over £5,000 for childreach and I would like to say thank you to everyone that contributed to this fantastic total.
The challenge certainly had its ups and downs from the annoyance of being lost in the lake district at 4am to the amazing views of top of each of the 3 peaks.  It turn out to be a real journey and everyone pulled to togther in a great team effort to make sure not only did everyone complete the task but that everyone enjoyed it too.  Even finding food after completing the 3 peaks turned out to be ...

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APRIL, 2009

 April has been a busy month

April has been a busy month. We have been so busy training, fundraising and preparing we haven’t been very good at writing blogs so here is a little catch up for you.

April 3rd - 6th  Row Britain

In the 1st week of April Dan Ellis, Matt King, Ian and I all travelled to Scotland to complete Row Britain. We canoed the 60 miles from Fort William to Inverness, covering the length of Loch Ness and Caledonian Canal. The challenge took us nearly 4 days to complete and despite being quite wet was good fun.

The scenery was spectacular and travelling along the canals and lochs by canoe afforded us the change to see the highlands form a totally new perspective. The downside was that as we were camping we never really dried out from one day to the next. Scotland is a cold place to be in ...

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MARCH, 2009

 Row Britain is delayed

Hi Everyone,
Alan and I recently decided we would complete the awesome challenge of rowing across Britain through the Calendonian Canal.  This event was due to take place this weekend but due to bad weather conditions we have had to delay the challenge by a week.  But trust me the event is still very much happening and I honestly cant wait to get going, it's one serious challenge that neither Alan or I are prepared for but we are going to give our all and concour Britain once again. 

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 3 Peaks and Mt Kilimanjaro

Registration of the three peaks has now closed and I am proud to tell you that we have 25 participants, meaning that if all goes well we will make more than £4000 for Childreach international in just one weekend!

Thanks to everyone that has signed up and good luck with the fund raising.

If you didn't sign up in time for the three peaks in time then why not go one step further. Why not climb Mt Kilimanjaro as part of a charity event in aid of Childreach International.  The event will be organised by Childreach international with several dates available. Ian and I would love you to take part in this amazing event, especially of you can join us in late November when we will climb the mountain ourselves as part of EyeOnAfrica.

For more information in climbing Mt Kilimanjaro download the information pack

Challenge yourself


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 New Map

Hey everyone,
Thoughout i'd let u all know we have put a new map onto the website.  Check it out and let us know what you think.
Alan and I have been very busy planning EyeOnAfrica and the 3 Peaks, everything is going well and progressing at an amazing rate, so fast we r sturggling to keep up but thats a good thing.  Soon we will be on our bikes heading for Cape Town and we cant wait.

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