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JUNE, 2009

 Barcelona to Valencia

We have managed to make it to Valencia and a lovely hostel in the city centre called Home, this hostel is not as lively as the Kaboul in Barca but lets see how much fun we can have after a couple of drinks.  The past 4 days cycling have seen us get quite badly sun burned from being lazy and having a siesta on the beach.  It has also seen us sleeping on mediterrainian beachs for 2 nights.  The first night was great and peaceful, a little cold but wat a view to wake up to.  The second was not so great, in the early hours of the morning a storm started just off shore creating gales that pumalled us with sand for hours until we finally gave up a got up.  That night was a very rough nights sleep and sand got everywhere, seriously we were finding sand in ...

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 More than a 1000 miles


Hello everyone, Alan here!

Allot has happened since our last blog. Ill try and cover the important bits. We have cycled about 800 miles and made it out of France, France turns out to be hilly, very hilly, in fact it’s so hill that it hurt! From Paris we cycled directly south, passing though Clermont Farrand and down to the south coast at Beziers, on Tuesday (day 17) we made it to Barcelona where we have spent the last 2 nights.
The French roads were hard bit there were some really good downhill sections where we managed to regularly get the heavy bikes past 40mph, good times! The up hill sections have been hard tho, especially the further south that we got due to the heat of the day, when we cycled out of Millau we managed to cycle about 5 miles in nearly 2hours due to the ...

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 We made it to Paris


Hi Everyone,
A lot has happened since we last blogged.  We made it to City Hall and met Boris Johnson for a photo shoot and a quick interview.  Boris as always was looking scruffy and he seemed to be very jealous of our adventure.  After leaving the City Hall Alan and I head towards Dover and after cycling 40 miles we stopped in a local pub, the bull, for a beer.  After chatting to the locals about our trip we were offered free beer, food and a garden to sleep in.  After a few more beers the garden turned into a sofa and Jacko (the local offering his sofa) made Alan and I a fry up breakfast and enough pack lunch to get us to Belgium.  Thank you Jacko.  Jacko also managed to persuade me that shaving my head was a good idea, check out the picture.  We powered ...

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 Leaving the Eye


<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Its all started, we’ve left the London Eye and EyeOnAfrica has began.  Friends and family made it down from all over the country to say goodbye to 2 stupid fools on bikes heading to a continent they know nothing about.  Champagne flowed, cameras flashed and girls screamed as the intrepid paid set off, narrowly avoiding a fall at the first hurdle.  Once out of site the brave young men quickly stopped to re-arrange poorly packed panniers and turn tyres around.  They then began an epic cycle of almost 5 miles to Hyde Park, only getting lost once, and sun-bathed for 5hrs with beers and cheese.  After this ordeal they set off to find Finsbury Park and a place to sleep at Holly’s house.  Once at Holly’s the pair chatted for hours about EyeOnAfrica before passing into a deep sleep on the sofa’s.
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MAY, 2009

 The leaving party

Hi everyone,
Less than a week now til we leave, scarry stuff.
This weekend Alan, I and all our friends enjoyed a fantastic leaving party at my mums house.  It was an alcohol fueled night and many antics went on, most of which i can barely remember but i did get shown video fortage of people, chairs and even a table tennis table ending up in the swimming pool.  This party was a terrific sending off and i would like to thank all our friends for turning up and my mum for letting it happen. 

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