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JULY, 2009

 The Sahara

Last night Ian and I were aproached by a man offering us the chence of a ride out into the deasert to spend a night sleeping on the dunes, how could we refuse.


it would have taken us 2 days ride to get to the area so we got into a very hot taxi and began the hour journey from Ar-Rachida to an area called Tafilalt. We stopped to change into a 4x4 and crossed a rocky deasert to town called Adrouine where the sand dunes started, it was about 50km from the Algerian border. it wasnt much of a town, really just a few hotels

in the middle of nowhere. We arrived at the hotel and after a little tea and some negotiation decided to spend an hour riding into the dunes on a cammel, have some food, spend the night and ride the cammels back in ...

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 Reaching the Sahara

Today we have reached the edge of the Sahara Desert and finally made our way over the Atlas Mountains of Morrocco.  The Atlas Mountains where amazingly tough and we reached our highest point of 1950m above sea level, thats a third of the way up Killimanjaro.  The views throughout the mountains where unbelievable, especially a plateau right in the centre of the mountain ranges.  This plateau was over 1700m above sea level and was so big it took us a day and a half to cycle across. 
Alan and I both got a new top speed yesturday mine was 46.7 and Alans 46.8, so close.  Going at these speeds is such a thrill.
We have decided that we will get a taxi and drive into the desert to see some highly recommended sand dunes and spend the night sleeping in the Sahara Desert.  I cant wait its going to ...

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 The madness of Morocco

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We left Mandys house very late and got to the port of Algercias just in time for the 7.30pm boat crossing.  Boarding the boat was madness completly unorganised and Alan clipped a car in the caos thankfully the owner was very understanding and excepted Alans appology.  Once on the boat the nerves really set in for Alan and I.  We both could tell each other was worried about our next leg of the journey.  The trip across the straights of Gibraltar was short and once we reach Ceuta we cycled the short distance to the border crossing.  If we thought boarding the boat was crazy this was a whole new level.  There where people and cars everywhere and no sign posts.  Alan and I stood gobsmacked starring into the caos not knowing where to go until a helpful Morrocan gentlemen pulled us to one side and gave us a form ...

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 Europe at an end.


Hello everyone, Alan here.

As ever it’s been a few days since out last log and a lot has happened.  The major news is that we have reached Gibraltar and will get the boat into Africa!
Our last blog said that we planned to go to Ibiza for my 25th birthday but sadly the cost of the ferry made the trip impossible so we spend a fill 3 days in Valencia, a city that we enjoyed so much that I’m sure we will both be back some day. It is a mix of beautiful classic buildings and stunning modern architecture, with friendly people and the place has a really happy vibe about it. 

Staying in Valencia turned out to be ideal as in the evening before Alan´s birthday the entre of Spain and especially Valencia celebrated the San Juan Festival.  This festival involved everyone going to the beach at sundown, having bonfires ...
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 This is how we travel

The link below is a link to a video we made in Valencia after a few to many.

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