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 Real life

It feels like its been a very long time since we were in Labe uploading the last blog, the last few days have been a rollercoaster ride.

We spent 4 days in Labe filled with bike repair, washing, sleeping and dodging 2 political marches.

The first was a pro-democracy anti-government march through the town centre. 2 days later the military ruler of Guinea, Captain Moussa Dadis Camarab, came to Labe itself. He arrived in a massive show of military might with hundreds of heavily armed solders and a military fighter jet flying overhead. As we cycled out of Labe to a town 90 miles south called Mamou we encountered another march but decided not to hang around long enough to see what was happening. All the marches we saw passed without any incident or violence but after reading the news now we are in Mali it’s obvious that that was ...
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 If you are going through hell, keep going (WINSTON CHURCHILL)

Hi there everyone, Ian here. I would like to start by appologising for the size of this blog. A lot has happened in the past week or so. Due to the shear quantity of incedients over the past week I am going to break it down into days and bullet points.

Day 1

What broke today?

  • The stove refused to work

  • I started the day with a puncture and finished the day with another

What happened today?

  • We left Kedougou and started our journey towards Labe heading in the direction of Dindifellow.

  • We soon encountered puddles and streams blocking our route. These puddles/streams where as deep as chest hieght and stretched upto 100m. This forced us to carry our equipment and bikes individually above our head. Taking upto an hour to cross each puddle/stream.


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 Banjul to Kedougou


Ian and I left the comfort of Anna‘s house a day later than planned as due to a heavy rain storm. As Ian mentioned in the previous blog we had intended to stay travel through the Gambia on different roads get a little space to ourselves and to get a feel for traveling alone. After 3 months on the road together it was a welcome change.

In Banjul Anna had told us that the northern road was a far better road than the southern but I after flipping a coin we had already decided that Ian would take the north road and I would take the south. I did get the stove though.
Leaving Banjul the road had tarmac for 30miles but after that it quickly descended into a wide muddy track covered with holes. Despite the road I still covered over 70 miles that day and as the ...

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 Strange gifts, Peace Core houses and Banjul

Hi everyone,


A lot has happened since our last blog and I have a fantastic story for you about our time in Dakar.  After our last blog we went to a number of bars in Dakar and drank until we run out of money, it was still only 4pm so we decided to get some more money out.  At the bank we met a nice local who offered to take us to a cheap local bar.  This bar turned out to be basically somebody’s house.  We decided to stay ...

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AUGUST, 2009

 90 days on the road


Hi everyone, Alan here

Yesterday evening we arrived into Dakar after 90 Days on the road, in those 90 days a lot has changed, the bikes are beginning to look scratched our beards are beginning to get long enough to eat and our lives are beginning to feel almost normal. I think that last point is the most important change. When we began 3 months ago everything was new and unusual, the fact that we were spending ever day travelling was a strange feeling. Not we find that it feels quite normal to get up pack the tents and get on the bikes each morning, quite normal to never know if the day will be easy or full of unpredictable challenges and people. I think life would now feel unusual if it wasn’t filled with such chaos!

So what have we been up to since our last blog? As we were leaving ...
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