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 West to East


We made it to East Africa but it wasn’t easy.  Since our last blog we have cycled back from Lome to Accra.  When we reached Accra we went to the airport and dropped our bikes off with the cargo company.  After dropping our bikes off we met our VSO friends and crashed on their floor for the night.  The next morning we returned to the airport ready to get our flight, leaving the VSO house at 8.45am.  At 11am we boarded the plane ready to fly to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  After a ...

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 Yet More TV and even a little cycling!

Right, Accra has been good, we have had the longest time off the bikes ever since we left london. 6 full days without even unlocking the bikes. days mostly fulled with snoozing and evenings mostly spent with boozing. or favorate bar, and now our local was a bar cqlled Duplex. why was is so good, because in the 4 nights we spent there always managed to blag free drinks off the locals or even the owner. and we werent even trying! The main news is that we are going to be on TV again! The Johnathon ross of Ghana! it was postponed from last week but its now fully recorded and will be braudcasted on Metro TV at 9pm on friday. follow this link ( at 9Pm (GMT) and watch us on "Thank good its friday" anyway, back to reality i guess. ...
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 No Johnathan Ross of Ghana tonight but wait till next Friday

Hi everyone its Ian here.
Unfortuantely our showing on Thank god its friday has been postponed until next week, for some unknown reason they are showing a reply this week, maybe someone is ill?
This does mean we are forced to stay in Accra until Wednesday which isnt the worst thing that could happen.  We arrived in Accra yesturday and had a fantastic night out with some VSO members which we had got in contact with prior to our arrival.  They took us to a Irish bar which was full of expats, it was strange to be in a bar in Africa with no black people there.  It was also great to hear that amazing English accent again.  We are going to meet up with them again on saturday which I imagine will turn into a long evening.
Today we started with a quick TV interview which is going to be Metro TV at 7.30pm ...

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 Ghanaian Celebraty


Where to begin… so much has happened over the last few days! We crossed into Ghana 2 days after leaving Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. As we crossed into Ghana our quite cycling lifestyle was shattered by the welcome cheers of the members of Childreach Ghana. There were only 5 people but they seemed to make the same noise as hundreds! Fred, the man in charge of Childreach Ghana had arranged a number of press and publicity things for us to do during our travels though the country including producing a documentary about us. The media were waiting for us in the nearby town of Bolgataga but before we set off Fred insisted that we went to a local Crocodile lagoon to get some photos taken. That lead to the 1st unusual experience of Ghana, using a like croc as a stool!

We covered the 40km from the border ...

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 Bamako to Ouagadougou

Bamako was a city of mixed fortunes for me.  Upon arriving we found Jessica, the local Peace Corps representitive, and settled into her apartement quickly making a mess.  Our first day in Bamako was productive as we searched the market for a new rear wheel for my bike and thankfully after a long time found an adequate replacement, nothing more than adequate though.  We then headed to a local bar to meet some other peace corps personnel, we nick named this bar the 3am bar because even at 1pm with its heavily curtained windows little light made it inside giving it the atmosphere of a bar at 3am.  We spent the rest of the day and night bar hopping and ended up rather drunk.  The next day we headed to the immigration offices to get our visa`s but the process took 24hrs meaning we had to wait an extra day, ...

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