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 An Indecent Proposal


What would you do for $100? That was a question that I was forced to ask myself this week
I will start at the beginning. Ian Wrote the last blog entry on the Island of Pemba just off the coast of Tanzania north of Zanzibar. We spent 2 days cycling the length of Pemba traveling though some Fantastic Lush tropical forest. There was so much vegetation and none of it looked alike, it was spectacular. Much like the ferry journey south to the Zanzibar Island but t hat was spectacular for other reasons.
Arriving at the ferry terminal early we entered the sort of chaos that only African public transport can create. The antiquated ferry stood at the quay with no apparent gang planks or walkways to get on board, instead people were simply jumping or walking across narrow wooden planks not attached in any way to ...

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 Tropical Islands

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Hi everyone,

I want to start by apologising for the lack of blogs Alan and I have been writing recently.  I wish I could say it’s because we've had no internet access but that’s not true.  The truth is we have been side tracked by many things, mainly of the beverage type.  After leaving Jinja we cycled to Nairobi and spent 4 days waiting for a parcel to arrive, during these 4 days we had a lot of time to write a blog but we also had a bar in the ...

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 Life on the toss of a Coin!


I just had a look at the last blog, its been a while since our last update, but don’t be fooled, that’s not because there is nothing to talk about. After all we have had Christmas, and Yew Year to contend with, not forgetting Mums now internationally famous Christmas cake! Unfortunately given that we are cycling across Africa, we haven’t done much cycling.
The Last Blog was written by Ian in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. we only stayed on Kampala for one night so on the following day we left though some of the worst traffic we have encountered so far. Maybe it’s something in our make up that meant we both really enjoy fighting for space with the mini busses, motorbikes, taxis, lorry and pedestrians. With the odd kick here, and the odd shout of W****r there, we survived unscathed ready to fight another day! The next ...

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 Christmas on the equator

Hi everyone, 


It’s been a while since the last blog and a lot has happened so I will try to keep it brief.  After Kili and Safari’s we traveled to Mwanza to start EyeOnAfrica East Africa.  We decided on Mwanza, Tanzania’s 2nd city, because it helped over come the minor issue of the Serengeti National Park.  From Mwanza we cycled along a tough hilly road to Kigali, Rwanda where we stayed with a couple of German NGO’s whom we had met on the website  Julia and Hannes were very welcoming and looked after us whilst we stayed in Kigali, ...

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 You win some you loose some

Hello people, Alan here
 It’s been quite eventful since the last blog entry.
 Mt Kilimanjaro was in essence the reason why this entire trip evolved. A little over 8 years ago when I was 17 I travelled out to Tanzania with my school and amongst other things I tried to climb to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro at 9895m. I never made it due to an attack of altitude sickness and although at the time I denied it I always wanted to come back for another stab at the not insignificant active volcano. So after 8 years of dreaming last week I found myself back in the small town of Moshi at the base of the mountain along with Ian, an old school friend called Steve, my sister Mary and my uncle Don. The climb using the Machame route would take 6 days to complete, 4.5 days ...

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