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JUNE, 2008

 where r we

Hi everyone,
This is just a quick update to let you all know how we are doing.
Life has been very busy since returning from EyeOnUK, work has been crazy for both Alan and I. 
We are looking forward to the next charity fund raising event in a few weeks.  Another lazer tag event at fun house but this time we are hoping to include an evening at jonglours comedy club, it should be a really good day.  If you are interest please watch this space as we will post more details soon.
Sponsourship is also going well as we are now in discussions with a large international communications company who are very excited about our journey.

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MAY, 2008

 John O'Groats to Lands End the end




EyeOnUk was a 1,050-mile bike ride scouring the length of the UK. Starting in John O’Groats, at the tip of North-East Scotland, the trip ended in Lands End, the most South-Westerly tip of Cornwall. This incredible journey finished on 23 May after 19 days cycling.


So what was our time on the road like? 


It all started badly. Even before we made it to the starting point, Tom had suffered five punctures and it seemed like we would never make it to John O’Groats - until we found shelter from the torturous wind in a barn in Barrock, Caithness. The very generous people we met offered to drive us to a local bike expert, Julian, who helped us fix Tom’s bike and gave us some very useful advice for the rest of our ride. Our inexperience was beginning to show but that is what made ...

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It took 19 days, 6 punctures, not enough showers, far to many jelly cubes, 1050.1 miles and a lot of help from the people we met of on the way to do it but just before 6pm on friday eveing we made it to lands end!

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 The Midlands

Well we really let our hair down on the Friday night in Coventry, with thanks mainly due to a sizeable donation from Duck's boss that came with strict instructions to be spent behind the bar... Who were we to argue? : ) The next day saw the slowest start we'd had yet, not leaving Duck & Ian's comfortable warm house until well into the first half of the FA Cup Final! Needless to say, we didn't make it to Evesham as intended but instead settled for a final night of camping in a field in Stratford-Upon-Avon where Ian's mum picked us up and treated us to dinner! Hehe, not such a bad day after all!

Today was very different and, in a riding sense, far more successful. We got off to an early start and ate up the miles, covering the 66 miles to Thornbury before 7pm! Clean clothes, a hot ...
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 Back to Coventry

We have made it to Coventry and now need to push onto Evesham, with only a week left it feels so close to the end its scary.  The plan was to leave the tents here but unfortunatly I have been unable to contact my friend in Evesham for a place to sleep so we will have to carry the heavy tents to the end, not pleased with the situation.

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