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 Challenge yourself!

Hi I hope everyone is well. Alan here!

Since our last blog a lot has been happening on a number of EyeOnAfrica fronts. we have been working on seeking out sponsorship, looking into equipment, planning out a more detailed itinerary, and making plans for the next few months. With this in mind I thought it was high time that we made sure that the World Wide Web was kept in the loop. It have split the blog into sections as I'm slightly worried that I night go in a little.

The search for sponsorship

Recently we have been attempting to contact companies big and small in search of some corporate sponsorship and publicity. If you know and companies that may interested in sponsoring charity events like ours please send us their details or pass our details onto them.

Another Great way that you can help with raising money for Childreach is to get involved ...
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 Three weeks of training madness


The past three weekends have seen Alan and I finish off the 3 peaks and achieve our longest days ride yet.
I'll begin with the three peaks.
I'm sure you have all read Alan's last blog about Mt Snowdon, now we have taken moutaineering a step further by completing the three peaks Mt Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scarfell Pike.  Suprisingly both Alan and I agreed that Scarfell Pike the smallest of the three moutains was by far the thoughest climb.  Every mountain had its own character Snowdon was beautiful, Nevis was tall and Scarfell was a climb. 
We have some amazing pictures from the three peaks and they will be in the gallery soon.
Our longest days ride yet.
Alan and I have been talking about a 100 mile day ever since we completed John O'Groats to Lands End but I wasnt sure if we could ...

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 Whats the point?


Alan and I where at a pub in Fort William drinking and chatting to the locals about our day climbing Ben Nevis, when a drunken lady intrigued about our climb asked 'Why did you climb Ben Nevis?' Alan replied 'We climbed Ben Nevis to prove a point?'
Drunken lady 'So whats the point?'
Alan 'to prove that we could if we wanted to''
Drunken lady 'But did you actually want to do it?'
Alan 'No'
Drunken lady 'so whats the point'
Alan 'to prove a point'
And the conversation continued

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AUGUST, 2008

 BBC radio interview

Hi Everyone,
Me, Alan and Le jumped onto a train and headed to London last Monday and once we reached Waterloo we started a small walk to the BBC.  Yes thats right we were at the BBC, EyeOnAfrica is truely going global.  The reason for this visit to the BBC was to do a radio interview talking about EyeOnAfrica and ChildReach.  This interview will hopefully be going out on radio stations throughtout Africa. 
We thought it was only fair to let the people of Africa know that they will have to put up with 2 crazy brits for a whole year.
Seriously though, this was an excellent opportunity to promote our trip to the people who will benefit the most from it.  When ChildReach told me they had organised this interview I was so excited and it lived upto all my expectations.  The BBC were very ...

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JULY, 2008

 Mountains, Sponsorship and Interviews

Hello! It’s Alan! I hope you are all doing well, thank you for visiting the site.

Time for a little news from EyeOnAfrica HQ

It’s been a while since our last blog, but don’t worry, we have been busy. Last weekend Ian, Tom and I were joined Mark Best from Basingstoke in an attempt to scale the highest mountain in Wales, Mt. Snowdon. Ian, Tom and I made it to the top on about 2 hours. Unfortunately Mark failed to make it to the summit but on the way down he helps some nervous climbers off the mountain in true heroic style!

We have a new corporate sponsor. Greenhouse Graphics are now supporting us by helping us with our printing requirements. Have a look at their website at I would like to thank everyone at greenhouse graphics for their support. We will be adding a link to the sponsor’s page very soon.

In ...
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