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MAY, 2010

 Africa's Southern Tip

Hey Everyone,

This is our last blog before we reach Cape Town and EyeOnAfrica is over, enough said there.
Since leaving Jeffery's Bay the cycling has been tough and I mean really tough.  We've had constant heads winds and some terrible weather.  Today we left the N2 and headed south towards Cape Agulhas meaning we wasnt facing a head wind but a terrible side wind,better than a head wind though.  To give you an idea of the strength of these winds they literally blow me off the road twice today.  I was cycling down the centre of the road because it was clear and the wind was making me unstable and a sudden gust smashed into the side of me sending me hurtling off the road and only my brakes stopped me from heading down the steep embankment.  I've decided I really dislike wind and the weather forcast for our last few days cycling to Cape Town does'nt look good, more head winds and lots of rain to boot.  We spent a couple of days cycling along the garden route which every South African has talked about as a stunning part of the country but unfortunately the weather was so horrendous that we really could'nt appreciate its beauty, what a shame. 

Nothing of any real interest has happened over the past few days except for the exciting fact that we have now reach the most Southern tip of Africa.  What an achievement! To think we have cycled form a gorgeous sunny day in London to a cold wind swept Southern tip of Africa is almost unbelievable. 

Just 250km left to Cape Town now.  We where going to have a day off the bikes tomorrow but due to the weather we've decided to use that day to make our riding more relaxed.  So 3 and a half days of cycling and we will be rolling up to the Green Point Stadium.  The end is close very close!

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