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 An Indecent Proposal


What would you do for $100? That was a question that I was forced to ask myself this week
I will start at the beginning. Ian Wrote the last blog entry on the Island of Pemba just off the coast of Tanzania north of Zanzibar. We spent 2 days cycling the length of Pemba traveling though some Fantastic Lush tropical forest. There was so much vegetation and none of it looked alike, it was spectacular. Much like the ferry journey south to the Zanzibar Island but t hat was spectacular for other reasons.
Arriving at the ferry terminal early we entered the sort of chaos that only African public transport can create. The antiquated ferry stood at the quay with no apparent gang planks or walkways to get on board, instead people were simply jumping or walking across narrow wooden planks not attached in any way to the ferry or quay. They looked like they would fall or snap at any moment. As we approached the Ferry several locals calling them selves porters offered to help us. We declined every offer convinced that we would be able to manage without them but that didn’t get rid of the mass of people wanting to make a tip. Once tickets were checked and we got ready to load the bikes. One of the locals simply grabbed the bike wrestled it off me and with the help of another got the bikes onto the bikes. Ian and I could hade done it easily, something that I made very clear to him as I refused to tip him.
Bikes loaded we found out seats and settled in for the 6 hour journey. We had seats but many other passengers didn’t so every available floor space was filled with as many passengers that could be fitted on. The boat was a mass of humanity. With that many people by the end of the journey the cabin was sweltering and we were glad it was over. Unfortunately once more the chaos began as we unloaded the bikes. This time it involved unloading the bikes before literally throwing the bags across the gap to the quay. It was crazy and we were glad when we eventually found a cheap hotel with the help of a fellow passenger we had met in Pemba the previous day.
Stone town, the capital of Zanzibar is a cool little town of narrow alleyways and winding streets that have allot in common with the markets of Fez in Morocco. They are also fantastic for getting lost and after getting some food it took us forever to find our hotel again.
We only spent one night in Stone Town before heading north to a place called Kendra for some relaxing on the beach. We planned to stay for only one day but…well so far it’s been a week. We have spent most of our time sunbathing on the beach but for a change we went snorkeling yesterday. We plan to leave tomorrow though. It was in Kenda when I was forced to decide on the value of $100.
I man who had asked to remain Nameless, having seen the condition of Ian’s and my beards said, “If you shave your beards then I will give you $100” quite an offer! Ian refused the offer immediately but I wasn’t so fast with my answer. After all how often are you paid to shave! I had said I would not shave or even trim my beard until Cape Town but after 8 months its been getting annoying and sweaty, also I’m not sure its been helping my pulling technique.

I went and bought a razor! The result as you can see from the photo is clear and after a day in the sun I even got rid of the tan lines. I may have sold out but now I’M RICH!

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