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 Yet More TV and even a little cycling!

Right, Accra has been good, we have had the longest time off the bikes ever since we left london. 6 full days without even unlocking the bikes. days mostly fulled with snoozing and evenings mostly spent with boozing. or favorate bar, and now our local was a bar cqlled Duplex. why was is so good, because in the 4 nights we spent there always managed to blag free drinks off the locals or even the owner. and we werent even trying! The main news is that we are going to be on TV again! The Johnathon ross of Ghana! it was postponed from last week but its now fully recorded and will be braudcasted on Metro TV at 9pm on friday. follow this link ( at 9Pm (GMT) and watch us on "Thank good its friday" anyway, back to reality i guess. There has been a change of plan with our remaining route though West Africa. The origanal plan was to Cycle as far as Lagos in Nigeria and get a flight from there to Kenya. Unfortunealy due to the political and also financial probelms we couldnt get a Nigerian visa and also also because we had to wait to record "Thank god its Friday" we no longer have time to make it to benin either. to make up for lost time this mosring we got a bus from Accra (an experience to forget) to the border with Togo. from there ze crossed the border and plan to cycle along the Togo coast for a day before cycling back to Accra for the flight to Kenya. the observent among you may well have noticed that that means we are back down to a total of mearly 29 countries, but fear not we will get it up to 30 again somehow! there are options, for example our flight has a 14hour layover in Ethiopia. do you think that should counts after all its longer than we spent in belgium! right time to go theres a cyclin to be done! alan

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