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 No Johnathan Ross of Ghana tonight but wait till next Friday

Hi everyone its Ian here.
Unfortuantely our showing on Thank god its friday has been postponed until next week, for some unknown reason they are showing a reply this week, maybe someone is ill?
This does mean we are forced to stay in Accra until Wednesday which isnt the worst thing that could happen.  We arrived in Accra yesturday and had a fantastic night out with some VSO members which we had got in contact with prior to our arrival.  They took us to a Irish bar which was full of expats, it was strange to be in a bar in Africa with no black people there.  It was also great to hear that amazing English accent again.  We are going to meet up with them again on saturday which I imagine will turn into a long evening.
Today we started with a quick TV interview which is going to be Metro TV at 7.30pm tonight but I dont think it can be seen online or on English TV.  This interview was followed by a radio interview which I know a few of you heard live and here is a link to it on Alan's fathers website  Thankfully we have the rest of the day off because of our postponed showing on Thank god its friday and we are going to take full advantage by heading to a bar.  Tomorrow we have a lot more TV and radio interviews which does mean an early start so hopefully tonight wont last to long haha.
A quick update for you about what has happened since our last blog.
In Kumasi we visited the Grande Marche which is apparently the largest market in West Africa.  It was hugh we spent hours walking around and maybe only saw a third but I was amazed that a market sooo big could have such a poor variety of goods for sale.  Every stall was the same selling either food, clothes or jellewery.  Its was a little disappointing just like the Asanti Palace and Museum.  After Kumasi we cycled to the South Coast of Ghana and made it to Cape Coast which was a fanastic little town which I wish we could have spent more time at.  We stayed at a bar/hotel called Oasis, positioned on the beach front.  We again did the touristy stuff by visiting the Castle taking the tour and seeing the Museum.  This time we were a lot more impressed the guide was clear and knowledgeable and the Museum was relevent.  We only stayed in Cape Coast for a day and I wish we could have stayed longer because the beach's where stunning the locals where friendly and the town was interesting.  But after leaving Cape Coast we cycled to Accra and now we are going to appreciate what Accra has to offer.

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