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 Ghanaian Celebraty


Where to begin… so much has happened over the last few days! We crossed into Ghana 2 days after leaving Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. As we crossed into Ghana our quite cycling lifestyle was shattered by the welcome cheers of the members of Childreach Ghana. There were only 5 people but they seemed to make the same noise as hundreds! Fred, the man in charge of Childreach Ghana had arranged a number of press and publicity things for us to do during our travels though the country including producing a documentary about us. The media were waiting for us in the nearby town of Bolgataga but before we set off Fred insisted that we went to a local Crocodile lagoon to get some photos taken. That lead to the 1st unusual experience of Ghana, using a like croc as a stool!

We covered the 40km from the border to Bolgatanga and were first greeted by a TV crew before being welcomed into the home of the town mayor. After officially welcoming us into town the mayor offered to pay for a hotel for the night. Following that and with hardly any warning we were ushered to a nearby radio station for interview during a live phone in show. Somehow we got through the interview and following public questions before heading to a well deserved rest.

It took 2 days to reach the next of our public engagements at a town called Savelugu. Childreach Ghana have a number of projects based in the region and the plan was to first  visit this towns mayor before heading out to one of the villages called Kpano to visit a school that had been restored using Childreach donations. If we thought our experiences in Bolgatanga had been mad then we were in for a surprise.
On the outskirts of town we were met but about 40 Childreach volunteers all on bikes wearing yellow Childreach t-shirts. After a few more moments a police motorbike arrived along with more press and a car with large speakers attached to the roof. Everyone lined is and we passed though town escorted but the police and all the Childreach volunteers with an announcer following informing everyone around who we were and what we were doing to raise finds for Childreach. The Mayor made a donation to Childreach and before long we were on our way to the village.
Immediately as we arrived in the village the music started, people were surrounding us, dancing and cheering. It was crazy! The villagers couldn’t believe 2 people they had never met would undertake such a crazy journey to help them. We were given a tour of the school and shown how the money had been spent to restore a building from near collapse and also to build a new building to house older students. After the tour we were the villagers presented with 8 yams and a goat as a thank you for helping them  Fred had more plans for us so we left the village shortly afterwards for the nearby town of Tamale where we met the local tribal chief!
As you may be able to tell I’m glossing over allot of the events of the passed few days, that’s not to diminish them but there is simply so much to say about them that the blog just can’t cover it all! Any my fingers would hurt from all the typing if I tried.
We are now in the town of Kumasi having a day off the bikes and enjoying a day away from the constant radio, TV and press interviews of our first few days here. But it will all begin again in a few days, when we reach Accra in 5 days we are booked to appear on a primetime Friday night TV chat show and undoubtedly Fred will have other plans for us! The Ghanaians really are taking us to heart and hopefully some of this press coverage can generate new donations and contacts for Childreach international to continue the work that they do.
Anyway I’m going to finish there and let my fingers relax but before I do just one little reminder to anyone who hasn’t already hasn’t made a donation yet, follow the justgiving link and help.


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