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AUGUST, 2009

 A Beer at Zebrabar

Since our last post we have crossed the very windy and sandy country of Mauritania.  We have mixed feelings about Mauritania the scenery was spectacular but didnt change and beame mundane and boring.  The sand was frustrating and got everywhere.  The people did not appear to be as welcoming as the fantastic Morrocans, I was even threatened with a michetee for going to the toilet to near to someones home at 6am.  The capital Nouakchott was a very interesting city, a typical African city which was bussling with people, cars and animals.  We where told
we would have a tail wind for our whole trip through Mauritania but it turned out to be  head wind the majority of the time which made life very hard. 
Crossing the boarder to Sengal has a reputation for being caotic and it lived upto this reputation.  There is the Sengal River seperating the two countries and we had to cross via a boat.  However when we reached the boarder we discovered our visas where only for 3 days and had expired nearly a week before.  This caused all end of problems and the Mauritania police wanted money to let us through but we had been told not to pay them and didnt.  After a lot of waiting around and confusion we managed to get our passport stamped and got onto the boat with a young lad who had helped us get everything sorted.  Once we reached Senegal we gave our passports to the police and our young helper told us we would have problems because of our expired visa.  We gave him some money to sort out the problems and he got it all sorted for us.  Once we had our passports back our young helper asked for commission but we had used all our local money and the only money we had left was dollars which nobody accepts in Africa.  Our helper was not best pleased but accepted 20 dollars which was a lot more than I wanted to offer but he would not accept anything less as he said it was to small to change.  We where quite annoyed and definately got ripped off as it turned out he did not need to use the money we gave him earlier to get our passports stamped.  But never mind we made it through and we know in the future to not accept help from any locals, to just be patient and eventually we will get through.
Anyways we are now in the fantastic country of Sengal and after only being in the country for a few hours we cycled passed 2 fellow Bittish cyclists who are cycling to Namibia.  Their website is  We joined them for the evening and tonight they are going to join us for a drink at the Zebrabar which is the place we are currently staying at.  Zebrabar is a fantastic set of huts in the middle of a conservation area.  Its a bit out of the way but is very beautiful and tomorrow we are going get a Kayake and row to a small Island between the sea and river which apparently has fantastic wildlife mainly birds, should be good.
Thanks for all your messages.

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