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AUGUST, 2009


Sand fills the desert; it covers the landscape like an enormous blanket flowing in the wind. its constant movements seem harmless and light. Great dunes dominate the landscape like massive waves in a petrified sea. All appears calm, all appears peaceful.

Do not be fooled by this impressive fa├žade

Sand has a terrifying secret, like a silent army its billions of solders threaten to envelop anything and everything left to their mercy. Nothing can stop them, no defense is capable enough, no wall is high enough. A powerful alliance with the hot desert wind has creates a force so unstoppable, so devastating that total saturation of any enemy is inevitable. Time is always on sands side, reinforcements are always waiting for just one crack at their most demanding foe. Humanity. The little warriors plan to fill your home, your food, your life. You will be forced to sleep in their presence, washing away old solders only to accept a new and instantaneous coating. You will be forever at their mercy; like big brother will never be alone.

Sand has only one enemy, one fear. This enemy is capable of breaking the alliance with the wind, capable of imprisoning sands solders by the billion. That enemy is rain. Trapped in the desert the sand is king, but soon we will leave this place, soon we will find that most deadly of foes. Soon the sky will open and the rain will fall. On that day we will rejoice, letting the rain wash the sand away, feeling the damp in our hair and enjoying every movement.

But rain has a secret of its own, a secret so dark and cold that we may yet cry out for sands silent army, cry out for the hot wind to bring the solders back. But that is a thought for another day

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