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JULY, 2009

 Making the coast

We have made it all the way to the coast and a town called Agadir, completing our longest day so far of 106 miles.  We also have both set new top speed records 47.6mph for me and alan got exteremly close to the magical 50 with 49.5mph but the race to 50 is still on.
A couple of days after leaving Ar-Rachida we made it to Gorge Du Tordra which was a fantastic sight.  At points it was 10m wide by 300m high.  Unfortunately after leaving the Gorge we only made it 10 miles to Tinghir as Alan became ill forcing us to spend 2 days there.  After Tinghir we headed towards the coast flying through the miles and out of the atlas mountains.  Over the past 2 days we have dropped from 1886m (the height of snowdon and scafel together) to sea level, this is the main reason behind our record breaking day.
When we reached Agadir we began looking for a hotel to stay in for a few nights, we decided to treat ourselves to a day off.  Whilst looking for a hotel we came across a fellow cyclist traveller called Dean.  Dean has been cycling around africa for 7 years and is a very well travelled person.  We decided to share a room with Dean to cut costs and last night we all went out for a few to many drinks and exchanged travellers stories.  Dean had a lot of great advice for us.  Last night was the first drink we have had since Mandys house, over 2 weeks i think.  Its hard to buy beer in Morrocco because it is a Muslim country.  I think because we have not drunk in so long, we may of had a few to many but this led to a very enjoyable evening.
Tomorrow we will be leaving Agadir and heading South along the West coast towards Mauritania.  

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