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MAY, 2010

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this is just a quick blog just to let you all know that we Ian and myself cycled into Cape Town yesterday, after almost 13000 miles of cycling over 348 days! Thankyou to everyone who supported us thoughout this jorney and thankyou to everyone who has made a donation to Childreach International. for those who havent made a donation then you can still sponsour us by going to
Thats all for now, but we will put a full blog up in the next few days.

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 Africa's Southern Tip

Hey Everyone,

This is our last blog before we reach Cape Town and EyeOnAfrica is over, enough said there.
Since leaving Jeffery's Bay the cycling has been tough and I mean really tough.  We've had constant heads winds and some terrible weather.  Today we left the N2 and headed south towards Cape Agulhas meaning we wasnt facing a head wind but a terrible side wind,better than a head wind though.  To give you an idea of the strength of these winds they literally blow me off the road twice today.  I was cycling down the centre of the road because it was clear and the wind was making me unstable and a sudden gust smashed into the side of me sending me hurtling off the road and only my brakes stopped me from heading down the steep embankment.  I've decided I really dislike wind and the weather forcast for our last few ...
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 another day another blog

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right, time i guess for another update on the epic adventure that is our madcap lives. As i write this w are in place called Jeffery's bay to the west of Port Elizabeth. according to goggle we are about 850km from the end of our journey. madness!
Ian Wrote our last blog when we were staying in Kyalami between Johannesburg and Pretoria. we were staying with a fantastic couple David and Nikki. we spent a few days there, fixing various problems on the bikes and enjoying the Dave's well stocked bar! as you can imagine we found it quite hard to leave when the time came. In fact we actually left twice! The first time we got about half a mile before something new broke on Ian's bike and we were "Forced" to return and try again another day. The following day was more successful and we actually managed ...

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APRIL, 2010

 Time to set a date!

It’s been a while since our last blog, but don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you but we have finally reached the race to the finish. We will upload I more detailed blog in a few days but here’s a very brief summary, in the last few weeks we have left Johannesburg, passed though Durban and reached the town of Queenstown north of Port Elisabeth. It’s not been easy with allot of hills and nasty headwinds but the spectacular landscape makes up for it.

The most important news is that we have set a date for our arrival in Cape Town. We have a little over 1200km to go and so can say with confidence that we will arrive at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town at about midday on Thursday the 13th of May. Be there or be someplace else.

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 How things change!


Every time I write a blog I want to say how much has changed, life changes constantly throughout EyeOnAfrica and in the last few weeks life has changed a lot, again.  Since the last blog we have gone from the remote bush with elephants sneaking up on us to the massive city of Johannesburg.  I can¹t explain how different South Africa is from the rest of Africa. But I can explain how we got from the bush to the city.  The cycling in Botswana was mundane and boring the roads where flat and straight and cycling along a flat straight road gives you the illusion of achieving nothing.  The scenery never changes so it feels like you aren¹t going anywhere.  We crossed into South Africa at a place called Martin¹s Drift on Easter Sunday.  Like home Easter Monday traffic was very busy, so busy that we were pulled over twice ...

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